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The Guitar School (TGS) India celebrated the World Guitar Day On October 18, 2023,

Guitar enthusiasts from all walks of life came together at our TGS India branch. From Bollywood melodies to the electrifying energy of rock and the catchy beats of pop, our talented guitarists filled the evening with their amazing performances.

The highlight of the day was the unforgettable group jam session, where our guitarists played few songs together.

Leading the charge was our very own maestro, Rahul Sharma, Founder of TGS India, whose passion for music knows no bounds. Siddharth Sharma, our dedicated Guitar Faculty, also added his unique flair to the evening, making it a night to remember.

Thank you to all the wonderful guitarists who shared their talents, and to everyone who joined us in celebrating the art of the guitar.

Let's keep the strings strumming and the melodies flowing! Here's to the universal language of music!

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