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About us

With a focus on core fundamentals, The Guitar School (TGS) makes learning guitar and singing a fun and enjoyable experience. 


Through a music curriculum that includes theoretical aspects of music (western harmony, ear training, music theory, rhythm study), the practical aspects of performance (popular songs, music pieces, analysing different styles) as well as composing your own music (through song writing, composition lessons), The Guitar School uses modern classroom teaching tools to cover the entire scope of music learning.

We tailor make our curriculum to suit the needs and grasping capabilities of each student, whether you already perform and want to improve your skills, or are an absolute beginner.

Our teaching system includes:

  • Practical music theory:  who says theory is boring? We, at TGS, believe that to be a good guitar player or singer, one need to understand the subtle aspects of music as well. The theoretical aspects not only steeps your learning curve, but also helps in breaking down complicated music pieces so that they can easily understood

  • Learning music in a variety of styles: once you are through the fundamentals of music and are ready to play the basic chords, rhythm patterns and melodies, you can start experimenting with various musical genres or maybe just focus on the genre of your choice. The different genres include Rock, Blues, Pop, Metal, Bollywood, Jazz etc 

  • Technique Correction: you need not be playing lightning fast solos (any MAB fans out there?)  however whatever you play should be clear and smooth, and not sound sloppy. A perfect left hand and right hand technique is a fundamental component of guitar playing.

  • Structured practice routine development: one of the quintessential component of evolving oneself as a guitar player. A well designed practice routine involving all the elements of music theory, ear training, rhythmic awareness, scales/chords, harmony et al is a must for the learning curve to remain steep

  • Musicianship Building: to be able to appreciate the nuances of music, to be able to hear the changes, understand the harmonic progression underlying the melody is a skill that can be developed with practice.

  • Application of theory to music & improvisation: to be able to play with other musicians and to be able to improvise in the moment; it needs a dedicated effort!

  • The students are not only taught the finer nuances of guitar playing, but are also well trained on the essential skills required to become professional musicians

Our Singing Lessons Involve Cutting Edge Vocal Pedagogy with :

  • Understanding of Vocal Technique

  • Sight Singing

  • A Vast Number of Pre-Recorded Vocalizes (Exercises) to help students overcome challenges in their learning

  • Repertoire Building (Both English and Hindi Songs)

  • Rockschool (RSL Awards) London's Grade Exams: Students, if they wish, can appear for Rockschool London's Grade Exams. Our Students have regularly appeared in these exams and have passes with great results

About "Music With Rahul Sharma"

IMG_5838 copy.jpg
  • Under the able mentorship of Rahul Sharma, The Guitar School (TGS) has been imparting high quality music education since 2013

  • Rahul Sharma is a professional Musician and a renowned Music Coach (Guitar & Vocals). With a Diploma In Music Performance (Swarnabhoomi Academy Of Music, India) and Grade 8 Merit (Rockschool, London) In Guitar & Vocal Performance; Rahul is one of the most revered Guitar & Vocal Coaches of India

  • Has been Regularly Conducting Masterclasses & Workshops, for professional musicians and music lovers all across India

  • Featured in ‘The Times Of India’ And ‘Hindustan Times’ for Outstanding Contribution to Society, through Live Music Performances

  • “The Vocalist Studio (TVS)” partner in India  – one of the top selling Singers’ Training Program in the World

  • Endorsed & Supported by D’Addario Education Collective and Arobas Music

  • Rahul is also a Music Entrepreneur and owns his own line of Guitar Effect Pedals “Flip Effect Pedals”, which is a brand of high quality analog guitar pedals 

  • Rahul also runs a Music Recording & Production Venture ‘RV Studios’ 

  Find out more details on his Social Media Links:

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