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Guitar Lessons in Delhi and Gurgaon - Beginner Level and Advanced Paths | The Guitar School 

Discover the joy of guitar playing through our comprehensive guitar lessons at The Guitar School in Delhi.

Our Beginner Level program offers a structured and supportive environment for novice players, while our advanced learning paths cater to students looking to specialize in various genres.

If you're seeking the best guitar lessons in Delhi, choose TGS for a rewarding musical journey. 


Beginner Level Guitar Lessons: What You Will Learn 

  • Introduction to Guitar Types and Tuning: Explore acoustic and electric guitars, learn about their different parts, and master the art of guitar tuning. 

  • Proper Guitar Hand Positions: Develop correct body posture and hand positioning techniques that optimize your playing comfort and technique. 

  • Musical Styles and Influences: Gain insights into various musical styles, legendary players, and iconic bands, expanding your musical knowledge. 

  • Reading Music and Notations: Acquire skills in reading musical pitches, staff notation, rhythm studies, tabs, and chord charts. 

  • Western Harmony Fundamentals: Dive into the basics of western harmony, understanding chord progressions and musical structures. 

  • Essential Chords: Learn fundamental open chords (major/seventh), barre chords, suspended chords, and power chords. 

  • Mastering Scales and Arpeggios: Discover major, minor, pentatonic, and blues scales, as well as major and minor arpeggios for melodic exploration. 

  • Strumming Techniques: Develop rhythmic precision by mastering basic rhythm patterns and seamlessly switching between strumming styles. 

  • Guitar Techniques and Exercises: Enhance your finger dexterity through alternate picking patterns, hammer-ons, and pull-offs. 

  • Repertoire and Style Development: Play common chord progressions, iconic riffs, and intros of popular Hindi and rock/pop songs. Learn accompaniment techniques and explore basic soloing concepts

Advanced Learning Paths 

After completing the Beginner Level (within approximately 6-8 months), you can choose from our advanced learning paths to further refine your guitar skills: 

  • Fingerstyle Guitar: Experience the art of fingerstyle guitar, mastering intricate melodies and harmonies

  • Pop-Rock: Delve into pop-rock guitar techniques, playing popular songs and understanding the nuances of this genre

  • Classical Guitar: Embrace the classical guitar tradition, exploring a rich repertoire and honing your technique and musicality

  • Blues Guitar: Immerse yourself in soulful blues guitar, expressing emotions and mastering blues techniques

  • Rock/Metal: Take your guitar skills to new heights with rock and metal genres, mastering high-energy riffs, solos, and advanced techniques

  • Jazz Guitar: Embark on a journey of jazz guitar, mastering jazz chords, improvisation, and advanced harmonic concepts

Begin your guitar education with The Guitar School, where expert instructors tailor the lessons to your needs. Unleash your musical potential and open doors to endless possibilities on the guitar. Join us for the best guitar lessons in Delhi and let the music guide your path. 

Guitar Lessons


Discover Your Voice at The Guitar School - Premier Singing Lessons in Delhi NCR. 

Unleash your vocal potential and embark on a transformative singing journey at The Guitar School.

Whether you aspire to sing Bollywood melodies or contemporary pop songs, our top-rated vocal program is designed to refine your skills and elevate your singing abilities. 

Our Approach to Singing Lessons:  

At TGS, we believe that great singers are made through consistent practice and structured routines.

Our comprehensive singing program focuses on: 

  • Western Music Technique: Develop a strong foundation in vocal technique, including vocal workouts, breathing exercises, and sight-reading. 

  • Repertoire Development: Explore a diverse range of songs from Bollywood to contemporary pop, honing your stylistic interpretation. 

  • Performance Skills: Enhance your stage presence and confidence, captivating audiences with your captivating performances. 

  • Certification Opportunities: Participate in Rockschool London Grade Exams, earning internationally recognized certifications. 

Train with an Expert Vocal Coach: 

Under the guidance of Rahul Sharma, a renowned vocal coach and author of "The Principles of Good Singing," you will receive world-class training. Rahul's expertise and proven methods will shape your singing voice and help you reach new heights. 

Unleash Your Vocal Potential: 

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced vocalist, our tailored lessons at The Guitar School cater to your unique needs and goals. Join us and experience the best singing lessons in Delhi, where your voice will be nurtured and transformed. 

Discover the Power of Your Voice: 

Ignite your passion for singing and unlock your true vocal potential at The Guitar School. Enroll today to embark on an incredible singing journey that will elevate your skills and enable you to express yourself with confidence and artistry. 

A woman singing in a record studio


Unleash Your Musical Journey with Piano Lessons at The Guitar School 

Discover the joy of playing piano with our exceptional lessons for beginners at The Guitar School.

Whether you aspire to play Bollywood melodies or rock out to contemporary pop-rock tunes, our comprehensive program is designed to unlock your musical potential. 

Our Approach to Piano Lessons: 

  • Fundamental Techniques: Learn proper hand positions, fingerings, and posture for a strong piano foundation. 

  • Music Theory: Gain a solid understanding of sheet music, rhythm, and chord progressions. 

  • Bollywood and Pop-Rock Repertoire: Explore popular tunes from Bollywood and contemporary pop-rock genres. 

  • Rockschool Curriculum: Prepare for internationally recognized piano exams with our affiliation with Rockschool. 

  • Sight-Reading and Ear Training: Develop your reading skills and musical ear for playing melodies, harmonies, and chords. 

  • Creative Expression: Cultivate improvisation and composition skills to add your personal touch to piano playing. 

Expert Guidance and Personalized Attention: 

Our passionate and experienced piano instructors are committed to nurturing your musical growth. Benefit from personalized guidance and constructive feedback to enhance your skills. 

Experience the Joy of Piano Playing: 

Whether you're a complete beginner or seeking to expand your piano abilities, our tailored lessons at The Guitar School cater to your needs. Join us on a musical journey filled with exploration, creativity, and fulfillment. 

Enroll Today and Discover the Magic of Piano: 

Unleash your musical talents and embark on an extraordinary piano journey at The Guitar School. Enroll today to experience the joy of playing the piano and let us guide you toward becoming a confident and skilled pianist 

Piano Lesson


Rockschool London Graded Exams: Your Path to Musical Achievement 

At The Guitar School, we offer Rockschool London Graded Exams to provide our students with a recognized framework for their musical progress.

As the official representative of Rockschool India (RS India), we bring you the opportunity to earn internationally acclaimed certifications. 


What are Rockschool Graded Exams? 

Rockschool offers a comprehensive range of graded music exams for aspiring musicians. From the Entry Level (Debut) to Grade 8, each grade encompasses a diverse selection of rock, pop, funk, and world music pieces. These exams assess key skills required at each grade level, ensuring a well-rounded musical development. 

Components of the Grade Examinations: 

  • Performance Pieces: Showcase your proficiency through three engaging performance pieces, carefully selected to challenge and inspire you. 

  • Technical Exercises: Master essential techniques and demonstrate your command over various playing styles. 

  • Sight Reading or Improvisation & Interpretation: Enhance your reading skills (Debut to Grade 5) or showcase your improvisational prowess (Grade 1 to Grade 5). 

  • Quick Study Piece: Develop your ability to quickly learn and perform a piece, showcasing your adaptability and musicianship (Grade 6 to Grade 8). 

  • Ear Tests: Cultivate your listening skills and musical ear through a series of exercises designed to assess your aural awareness. 

  • General Musicianship Questions: Demonstrate your understanding of music theory, notation, and key musical concepts. 

Unlock Your Potential with Rockschool London Exams 

By participating in Rockschool London Graded Exams, you gain more than just a certificate. You acquire a comprehensive musical education, honing your technical skills, musicality, and performance abilities. Rockschool's extensive repertoire offers a diverse range of genres, empowering you to explore your musical interests and broaden your horizons. 

For more information and detailed exam specifications, visit and embark on your journey to musical excellence. 

Enroll with The Guitar School today and let our expert instructors guide you towards achieving your Rockschool London Graded Exam success.

Empty Orchestra Stage


Embrace the Magic of Bollywood Music with Our Repertoire Course! 

Indulge your passion for Bollywood music with our specially crafted Bollywood Repertoire course. Designed for guitarists, vocalists, and pianists, this course provides an exciting opportunity to learn and master your favorite Bollywood songs. 

Our curriculum encompasses a vast collection of Bollywood melodies, ranging from timeless classics to chart-topping hits of today. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Hindi music as you explore the intricate chords, captivating melodies, and expressive vocals that define Bollywood's signature sound. 

Whether you aspire to strum the guitar, play mesmerizing tunes on the piano, or deliver captivating vocal performances, our Bollywood Repertoire course will ignite your passion and help you develop the necessary skills to bring these beloved songs to life. 

Unlock the joy of playing and singing your favorite Hindi songs with The Guitar School.

Enroll today and embark on a musical journey through the vibrant world of Bollywood music! 

Note: The Bollywood Repertoire course is available for guitar, vocals, and piano. 

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Embark on a Musical Journey with Our Online Lessons! 


At The Guitar School (TGS), we have been pioneers in providing exceptional online guitar, piano, and vocal lessons since 2013. Our virtual classroom connects students from all corners of the world, spanning the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Singapore, Australia, and beyond. 

No matter where you are, distance is no longer a barrier to your musical aspirations. With our customized online lessons, you can learn to sing or play your favorite instrument from the comfort of your own home! 

Benefits of our online program: 

  • Study from the convenience of your home, saving time and money on travel

  • Receive the same expert guidance and tuition as you would in an in-person studio setting

  • Access handouts, videos, and audios of the lessons covered in class for comprehensive learning

What you need: 

  • Ensure you have a reliable internet connection with sufficient bandwidth for seamless voice and video communication

  • Equip yourself with a webcam, microphone, and speakers to interact effectively with your tutor

  • The medium of instruction can be English or Hindi, based on your preference

Believe it or not, our online Zoom classes will ignite your passion for music like never before.

Whether you're learning guitar, vocals, keyboard, or even ukulele, you're in for a super fun and engaging musical experience with us! 

Join our online lessons today and unlock your musical potential from anywhere in the world. Let the music play, no matter the distance! 

Online Guitar Class


Welcome to Mini Mozart, the premier Piano (Keyboard) and Singing (Vocals) Learning Program for children aged 4-16 years. Discover a perfect blend of fun activities and comprehensive music education that nurtures a lifelong love for music. 

At Mini Mozart, our certified trainers provide expert guidance in a supportive environment, ensuring every student learns and enjoys the process. With a focus on pitch, rhythm, and music knowledge, our program strengthens core musical concepts from the basics to advanced levels. 

Prepare your child for success with Mini Mozart's comprehensive curriculum, which also includes preparation for Rockschool London Grade Exams.

Our experienced trainers empower young musicians to reach their full potential while fostering their unique talents. 


Performance Showcases held every quarter allow students to conquer stage fear and witness inspiring performances by their peers. These showcases provide valuable opportunities for growth and build confidence. 

Mini Mozart Lessons is an initiative of The Guitar School by Rahul Sharma, a renowned name in music education. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your child receives the highest quality music education. 

Join Mini Mozart today and unlock your child's musical potential. Experience the joy and creativity of our program as they embark on a transformative musical journey.

Ignite their passion, cultivate their talent, and lay the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of music. 


Enroll now and let Mini Mozart inspire your child's musical aspirations. 

Children in Classroom
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